Snooki arrives at Jenni and Roger’s house to pick Jenni up for some shopping (lol @ Diesel) - August 23, 2012

"Snooki and JWOWW" stills - season 1, episode 10

DELETED SCENE #2: Jenni and Snooki meet their neighbors and try to give them cookies and fruit.

"That was fun. Let’s do it again."

DELETED SCENE #1: Snooki and Jenni want to dance with their men at the club. Snooki wants to slow dance, Roger feels too old.

Confessionals for “Snooki and JWOWW” s1e10


This video of Jenni, Roger, Sammi, Ronnie (both couples annoyingly in love, haha and Vinny at the end) at Karma is cute. Check out how easily Roger puts Jenni on the bar, haha.

Jenni: [Snooki and Jionni] have like - it takes an army to raise a kid which is true and that’s a great mentality to have where it doesn’t just have to be Nicole and Jionni. It’s gonna be their family and friends […] That’s the best way to be raised. Because me and Roger won’t have that, we wanna wait. We definitely have a bucket list that we wanna complete before having kids. I don’t concern myself with getting married any time soon but I would like an enormous ring. I’m gonna keep saying that in every interview until - !

Roger: It’s not the first time I’ve heard that.

Jenni: I’m just going on a streak with this. I mean, I just would like it, sooner than later. Enormous. Not like Jennifer Lopez, like, pink diamond enormous or whatever it was but I’m talking, like, relatively big.

Q: Do you know exactly what kind of ring you want?

Roger: Oh, to a tee.

Jenni: Oh, yeah. Yes. I know the designer I want.

Jenni and Roger with their baby, Diesel



I have never had as much fun dressing a client as I do with Jenni! She’s one of those girls that looks good in anything! She can look sexy classy, fun professional and super cute casual. It’s almost insane! My favorite look for her is the long sleeve cocktail dress. There are two things I always love to accentuate with her, either her back or her cleavage. I usually pick one per outfit because let’s face it - she always has the amazing legs to go with everything! Bottom line? She looks her best in almost everything she has on!

—Jeni Elizabeth, friend and stylist